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Keep Your Current Pricing and Be Grandfathered In
Effective 6/19/22

Hello current and lucky timing prospective students!

Christopher here from All Around Music 😀

To our loyal returning customers, don't you hate it when companies provide promos to new members and leave you with nothing? We understand that feeling. Even though the cost of living has gone up due to inflation, we still would like to thank and reward our current members by grandfathering the discounted monthly plan subscription price. Furthermore, if you are one of the lucky prospective students/parents reading this page and looking to take advantage of the deal, the monthly subscription will stay current until 6/19/22 which will allow you to be grandfathered as well.  Here are the conditions for the promotion. 


The subscription must be active by 6/19/22


If the subscription is canceled due to discontinuation for any reason, the grandfathered pricing will be forfeited. New pricing is listed below. 


Pausing plans due to abundance of lessons caused by unused credits or changing plans to another a plan will be reviewed and handled case by case.


Current pay-as-you-go students, as of 5/19/22, will be provided a 6-month grace period with the current pay-as-you-go price. Unique promo codes will be delivered via email. Code will be inactive on 12/19/22.

Updated Prices Effective 6/20/22

30-minute lesson - $35

45-minute  lesson - $53

60-minute lesson - $70

Discounted Monthly Plan
(4) 30-minute lessons - $128/month
[Save $12 each month]

(4) 45-minute lessons - $194/month
[Save $18 each month]

(4) 60-minute lessons - $256/month
[Save $24 each month]

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