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Step 2: Choose Your Guitar Teacher

Our experienced music instructors offer online guitar and music theory lessons for beginners and experienced students alike. Get to know them, their musical styles and expertise below, then schedule a lesson with one that fits your style.

James Cain

Instruments: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano,  Bass Guitar, and Ukulele

Student Ages: 5+

Student Levels: Beginner-Advance

Genre: Pop, Rock, Classical, and Jazz, Blues

Specialty: Strumming, Improvisation, Composition, Playing Lead, and Fingerpicking 

About Me: James Cain has been teaching in public, private, and charter schools since 2009, including private lessons. Read More

Bianca Jazmine

Instruments: Vocals, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Flute

Student Ages: All Ages

Student Levels: Beginner-Advance

Genre: Pop, Indie, Rock, Alternative, Soul, R&B, & Musical Theatre

Specialty: Style and Expression, Tone, Emotional Performance, and Songwriting

About Me: Bianca Jazmine is an award-winning pop-rock singer-songwriter with 5+ years of teaching  Read More

Emily Linskens

Instruments: Vocals,  Piano, Acoustic Guitar, and Ukulele

Student Ages: 5+

Student Levels: Beginner-Intermediate

Genre: Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, etc. (all genres)

Specialty: Playing While Singing

About Me: Emily has taught privately for 5 years both in-person and remotely. Read More

Billy Marter

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele, Electric Bass, Mandolin, and Harmonica

Student Ages: 9+

Student Levels: Beginner-Advance

Genres: Classical, Rock, Blues, Country, Pop, and Folk

Specialty: Singing & Playing, and Classical Fingerstyle/Fingerpicking 

About Me: BIlly has a Master of Music degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. Read More

Martin Gonzalez 

Instruments: Electric & Acoustic Guitar

and Music Production

Student Ages: 14 +

Student Levels: Beginner-Advance

Genre: Rock, Metal, Fusion, Funk

Specialty: Legato, Tapping, Alternate Picking, Composition, Soloing, Riff Making

About Me: He decided to study Contemporary Music and earned his first degree at 18 years old. Read More

Martin de Lima Torres 

Instruments: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, and Music Production

Student Ages: 10+

Student Levels: Beginner-Advance

Genres: Rock, Blues, Metal, Fingerstyle/Folk

Specialty: Soloing, Riff writing,Tapping, Fingerstyle, Chord Solos

About Me: Martin went to Berklee College of Music and composed over 30 short films. Read More

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